Faith is Hard to Find

Have you ever wondered why your Faith wavers?

There are days when I wonder where is my faith? I pray and say that I believe what Yahweh Promises. Yet, there are those times when a circumstance will arise that rocks my world for a moment.

Yahweh’s Wisdom tells us that all we need is faith the size of a mustard seed. Have you ever seen a mustard seed? From all reports, it is very small, indeed. From outward appearances, it seems a doable task to garner that much faith.

However, when I try to find that small amount of faith, it is not there. At least, I have trouble finding it. Then, upon more prayer and trying to be still, I realize it is there just as Yahweh is always near.

He is always near in the Presence of His Holy Spirit. A simple invitation for The Holy Spirit to enter my heart is all that I need to refresh my faith. While it doesn’t necessarily solve my circumstance but what a difference it makes to know that the indwelling Spirit is with me to comfort and to steer me through conscience to discover answers or to just find peace within my turmoil.

Faith waivers because we are human and its a part of our sinful nature. Satan does not ever take a holiday. His minions never take a holiday. When I talk to Yahweh as a child approaches her parent, I remember that I am not alone but loved by my Father. This is faith building and life sustaining. Thank-you, Father. Amen.

Published by Charlyne Blatcher Martin

Freelance Writer; Editorial Consultant; Creator/Host of Comcast’s Something To Talk About; and, Playwright. I enjoy reading Regency and other historical fiction and non-fiction and sci-fi. Gourmet cooking is a favorite pastime.

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