Random Thoughts

  • Walking Through Memories Has Arrived
    It has finally happened! Walking Through Memories, my debut poetry book, is really on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles! This has been a project in the making for a while. The poems date back to the mid-70s. Thanks to my daughter, Brande, I was forced to gather how ever many poems I could find, sendContinue reading “Walking Through Memories Has Arrived”
  • Senior Techie vol 1:5
    Hi, Senior Techie has been otherwise engaged since March-ah, March. I remember happy thoughts for Spring and Summer. Instead, we became terrorized by an unseen but very visible coronavirus named COVID-19. A most unwanted guest so to say. Then, the application of the word: Pandemic! What? We don’t get involved in these world type diseases…thoseContinue reading “Senior Techie vol 1:5”
  • Surprise Coming
    Its October 1, 2020 and I have a secret that won’t remain one for long. This is a teaser, by the way, in hopes that you will come back to find out about the Secret. Let’s see, about 7 or 8 people already know but promised not to spread it around just yet. I won’tContinue reading “Surprise Coming”
  • America, Stop Shooting Yourself in the Head
    America shot itself in the head when it denied education to the slaves and descendants of slaves. America shot itself in the head when it made it nearly impossible for Black children to receive a fully enriched education. Racism is Not Over. Today, America continues to shoot itself in the head when the educational systemContinue reading “America, Stop Shooting Yourself in the Head”
  • Happenings in this Time of COVID-19
    By now, we all have been affected by this time of COVID-19. For each of us, our perception of this disease varies. Now, I am doing my best to shelter in place. This means that I am not leaving my house unless it is absolutely a necessity. No one enters this house. My groceries areContinue reading “Happenings in this Time of COVID-19”