Welcome to Something To Write About

Finally, I am getting this blog active. Every time that I decided to launch, there would be something to divert my attention. However, after a morning filled with too many things, I sat down with great intent.

Here it is: Something To Write About. Its sister medium is my television talk show, Something To Talk About. It airs on Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. on Comcast channel 17. Of course, you are invited to view the show if it is aired in your area. Otherwise, check out this blog for show recaps and other things that cross my mind during a day.

I will do my best to focus upon areas that impact most of our lives. Health and Well Being are good topics of discussion. Of course, to some degree Politics are dominating the media but I will more than likely stay very neutral on who will be the next President and will we collectively hate that person as soon as that individual wins?

Of course, in My Creative Corner, is where I may add some of my poetry, an original short story or 10-minute play to the mix of things just to keep it fresh beyond the “things that impact most of our lives.” I can’t imagine my blog without something non-fiction and just plain fun. I may even figure out how to throw in some cooking segments.

Besides the above topics, near to my heart is Faith and Spirituality. Firstly, I believe in Yeshua (Jesus) and that His Father is Yahweh or God. Once this is established, I am least likely to be considered at worst a heretic of some kind. Although, some will label me anyway but that’s okay, too. Yahweh knows who I am really. As time goes by, other topics will be added and your suggestions and comments will make this blog. So, come and visit often. I hope to read your comments and promise to respond.