Poem: The Invitation

You opened your door and I walked in. I had no idea where to begin.
You invited me to sit.
You invited me to stay.
Now, I know my life began that day.

What a surprise as you helped me to see The person who lives inside of me.
You gently coaxed me out of a shell. You showed me a glimpse of heaven
In the place where I dwell.

I know that I am growing
Even when I hit the hard spots
You taught me that there would be times when Life would appear to be all knocks.

You said to look beyond the appearances, Seek the only truth.
Feel my Spirit within rising,
Rising as proof.

Proof of the real me,
Struggling to be born
The real me filled with laughter And unbridled joy.
The real me facing life in a different More powerful way.


© 1976-2020. Charlyne Blatcher Martin
No reproduction, copying or reprinting of this poem without permission.

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