Senior Techie Vol. 1:2 Dec. 29,2019

As usual, I announce things backwards. This is no reflection on the age of the Senior Techie. This is my usual operating procedure. Anyway, after I posted my first, of what I hope are many, Senior Techie moments, my mind snapped back to remember that I never introduced Senior Techie. Well, it’s me. I’ve lovedContinue reading “Senior Techie Vol. 1:2 Dec. 29,2019”

Senior Techie vol. 1 Dec. 2019

With the beginning of a new year, I have decided that there must be something about our technology that speaks just to those of us who are called seniors, elderly, or whatever title comes when you are over 60 or is it 70? Constantly, I am amazed when looking at the newest technology that IContinue reading “Senior Techie vol. 1 Dec. 2019”