Walking Through Memories Has Arrived

It has finally happened! Walking Through Memories, my debut poetry book, is really on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles!

This has been a project in the making for a while. The poems date back to the mid-70s. Thanks to my daughter, Brande, I was forced to gather how ever many poems I could find, send them to her and she took over the project that has now been published.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the first copy in my hands. It was such an interesting feeling as I held it. At first, Brande didn’t quite understand my “odd” behavior. I was quiet and torn between should I laugh, cry or just be silent?

I had to explain later that my choice of silent was about being overwhelmed. Yes, overwhelmed to see poems that are mine actually secured between two beautiful covers with my name on the front and my picture on the back.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who were first purchasers of Walking Through Memories. Actually, you bought it! I’m still a bit dazed by it and in “normal” times, I would have a book signing somewhere in the Mall or Barnes and Nobles. But, that ‘s not possible so in the near future, there will be a Zoom Launch. That way, I will have the opportunity to see you, talk to you and have you talk back to me. We will have some laughs, I’m certain.

Well, what more can I say except: I am working on poetry book #2 and it will not take X number of years to complete. I promised that I would write at least a poem a week, I can hear the “really?” coming from those who know me…that schedule will be a thing of the past and it already is just that. However, I did write 3 in one long session…a sneak title: I Want to Look Like Jane Fonda. I know that you can’t wait to read that one! That’s going to be in book #2. Meanwhile, help me to celebrate “Walking Through Memories” .

I’ll keep you posted with a date for the Zoom Launch, meanwhile for those who haven’t yet, purchase your copy at Amazon.com or Barnes & Nobles. Then we will have Something To Talk About….

Love and Hugs,



Published by Charlyne Blatcher Martin

Freelance Writer; Editorial Consultant; Creator/Host of Comcast’s Something To Talk About; and, Playwright. I enjoy reading Regency and other historical fiction and non-fiction and sci-fi. Gourmet cooking is a favorite pastime.

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