Surprise Coming

Its October 1, 2020 and I have a secret that won’t remain one for long. This is a teaser, by the way, in hopes that you will come back to find out about the Secret. Let’s see, about 7 or 8 people already know but promised not to spread it around just yet. I won’t name names or they will be pestered into giving up the information.

When will the secret unfold? Hopefully, by the second week in October but I can’t promise that right now, either. Will it be worth the suspense? I hope so if for no other reason, than I hope so. Am I stoking your curiosity? Is it bigger than a -I’m not going to say breadbox because does anyone even have a breadbox anymore? If so, I need one of those things.

If if keep writing, my fingers may let the secret out before I’m ready. Fingers can be fickle like that sometimes. So, if you are one of the few who knows the secret or thinks you know the secret, do not respond to this post with any hints. Besides, it may not be what you think it is by now or even what I told you it is. Anyway, stay tuned because SOMETHING is coming and soon.

Hasta luego,



Published by Charlyne Blatcher Martin

Freelance Writer; Editorial Consultant; Creator/Host of Comcast’s Something To Talk About; and, Playwright. I enjoy reading Regency and other historical fiction and non-fiction and sci-fi. Gourmet cooking is a favorite pastime.

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