Happenings in this Time of COVID-19

By now, we all have been affected by this time of COVID-19. For each of us, our perception of this disease varies. Now, I am doing my best to shelter in place. This means that I am not leaving my house unless it is absolutely a necessity.

No one enters this house. My groceries are delivered by friends or services and they leave them on my porch and ring the doorbell to signal that they are delivering.

Then, the real fun begins. Do I bring in the bags? do I take out the groceries and clean them on the spot? Do I take them into the kitchen and dump them into a sink of hot water?

Well, in the beginning ( sounds like Genesis), when I had real bleach, another story , put a few caps of bleach in the hot water and soap and in went the entire bunch of bananas and tomatoes. Yes, I scrubbed them, rinsed them and dried them.

Of course, then I heard to not douse your fruits and vegetables in detergent and/or bleach. Okay, too late and I’m not sick. But, I won’t do it again.

Now, the bleach story. Did you know that Clorox Bleach is not always real bleach. I was so excited that I found a gallon. One day as I was pouring some of that precious disinfectant in a bucket of water to clean my floor, I noticed the writing on the jug. What did this mean? “ Not for sanitizing or disinfecting” . What did that mean? This was bleach, Clorox, right?

Wrong. When did this happen? I still don’t know but please read the jug to see if the Clorox bleach is the real deal and not the stuff to deodorize your wash. Who cares about deodorizing when the coronavirus is racing through the land, taking no prisoners?

We are in strange times for certain. Bleach is not bleach, what set of guidelines do I follow…CDC, AMA, NHI…because they don’t always say the same thing about the same thing. To mask or not to mask, that is the question because I can’t breathe in a mask, but I have a very country paisley bandana, disposable gloves, and on and on…I do need a hazmat suit, if I can find one.

Let’s just give everyone a hazmat suit to wear…well, maybe two. One to wear and one as a spare. I’m really fatigued with all of the new normal. I think I will just sing karaoke ( singing is good for the lungs-one of these experts said so), eat homemade bread and real butter, coffee with lots of vanilla soy creamer, and watch Pride and Prejudice. Make the world go away…###


Published by Charlyne Blatcher Martin

Freelance Writer; Editorial Consultant; Creator/Host of Comcast’s Something To Talk About; and, Playwright. I enjoy reading Regency and other historical fiction and non-fiction and sci-fi. Gourmet cooking is a favorite pastime.

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