Senior Techie vol. 1 Dec. 2019

With the beginning of a new year, I have decided that there must be something about our technology that speaks just to those of us who are called seniors, elderly, or whatever title comes when you are over 60 or is it 70?

Constantly, I am amazed when looking at the newest technology that I am asked if I’m shopping for my grandchildren. My not-so-stunned-anymore answer is: No, I’m shopping for myself. Then, it gets funny.


Salesperson 18-25: M’am, so what are you looking for?

Me: Well, what’s new? I’m looking at smartwatches, iPads, iPhones, laptops, whatever is new. Preferably, Apple. What’s new with the watch?

Salesperson 18-25: Well, will this be your first smartwatch?

Me: No, I’ve had the 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Salesperson 18-25: Wow, what do you use it for?

Me: For anything that it can do…exercise, calendar, heart rate, ECG, unlock computer, lots of things. And, just in case I fall. Do you have one?

Salesperson 18-25: That’s impressive…yes, I have the 5. Are you ready to upgrade?

Me: Why is it impressive? Doesn’t everyone find uses for the watch?

Salesperson 18-25: Well, yes, but I wish I could get my Mom to use one…she can hardly turn on her computer.

Me: Oh, when was the last time you attempted to help her out? You know, teach her the fun and useful things this stuff can do.

Salesperson 18-25: She’s not interested so I just leave her alone. My dad’s the same way. So, when did you get interested in tech?

Me: I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t interested in the future. So, did you have the 4 before you bought the 5?

Salesperson 18-25: I had the 4 LTE ?

Me: What made you upgrade to 5?

Salesperson 18-25: Always on display and the compass. Are you thinking of upgrading?

Me: No, I’ll wait. My 4 does just fine. Its LTE and a compass will only be decoration for me unless I get lost in my yard and slightly moving my wrist is still doable. Besides, I check out my sources and learn how the young techies break down the details about what’s what. Most say “wait” and I agree.

Salesperson 18-25: You connect with those guys? Wow!

Me: That’s how I learn and then I come and chat with you guys to fill in the gaps.

Salesperson 18-25: (Looking at my watch) Ah, you’ve got your watch on upside down. (showing me his watch) The crown is facing the wrong way.

Me: Not really. Every time I’d flex my wrist, I’d activate Siri or something so one day when I was surfing, I saw a guy wearing his watch with the crown facing away from his hand. I checked out a few things and found how to change the orientation…it works for me.

Salesperson 18-25: (taking off his watch) Okay, show me how you did that…that makes sense.

Me: It’s easy. Just go to…

Fade Out.

Published by Charlyne Blatcher Martin

Freelance Writer; Editorial Consultant; Creator/Host of Comcast’s Something To Talk About; and, Playwright. I enjoy reading Regency and other historical fiction and non-fiction and sci-fi. Gourmet cooking is a favorite pastime.

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